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Photo-realistic renderings as shown our planning examples are nice, but real photos are even better. The OBRA lookbook shows what our playground look like in reality. It contains planning suggestions for all of our customer groups. The OBRA lookbook - easy to browse.
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Would you like to expand or redesign a playground? We would be happy to support you! Thanks to decades of experience, we know how playgrounds and leisure areas of all kinds are designed sensibly and how they are used. Our planning is always centered around our philosophy - Seeing the world through the eyes of children!

An important part, if not the most important of child development, is playing. Motor, cognitive and social skills are learned and trained while playing, one's own body awareness, spatial awareness and risk assessment are promoted. This knowledge and our experience form the basis for our know-how.

Another important component of excellent play equipment is the use of high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. A resource-saving and sustainable use of raw materials is important to us.

Safety and play value go hand in hand in our planning. That is why we get all catalogue products tested and certified by an independent, accredited institute in accordance with the requirements of the European playground equipment standard EN 1176.

Every playground planning begins with an intensive exchange with our customer to find out what is important and what special requests there are. In accordance to the existing budget, we then plan your playground with the latest 3D technology and are happy to put the plan into action.

Here are some examples of playground ideas.