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OBRA mini Play Wall Combination 3
OBRA mini Play Wall Combination 3

41202 obra mini Play Wall Combination 3

The obra mini play wall combination 3 consists of a net, a house, a kitchen, a shop and a bench made of HDPE panels 19 mm and HPL panels 8 mm or 10 mm. The various play options provide a high level of entertainment value, especially for toddlers. Prove your climbing skills on the low hanging net. The house and the shop provide role play settings or you can just take a seat on the bench and relax. Furthermore, the children can let off steam playing in the sand in the kitchen area.

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Altersgruppe Freie Fallhöhe Montagezeit Fallschutz Integratives Spielgerät
ab 1 1,0 m 2 x 6 h 11,5 m²