OBRA design quality


What is the best for the playing child and what is the best for the playground owner?
Those are the most important questions which guide our field representatives in their consultations. To provide children of different ages with attractive playing opportunities, you are in need of competent planners as well as qualified playground consultants.We try to pass on our knowledge and decades of experience to new field representatives and consultants as quickly as possible.
Take note of the difference between a simple salesman and a consultant with technical expertise.


Important planning principles such as the minimum space a device needs, requirements for fall protection, foundation requirements, weight, assembly time and recommended ages of the children for whom the device is built can be found in the technical section.


Ordering is easy thanks to a detailed descriptions of the devices and equipment in the technical catalogue with our price list attached. Our consultants would also be happy to do any ordering work for you and send the form to our manufacturing plant.


In order to keep our promises, a second CNC machining centere was installed in 1999, in which both round and square timber can be machined with great precision and speed leaving less overall downtime for you.
So that no OBRA playground need be the same, the prefabricated components can be combined with each other to meet any unique requirements. The production at OBRA is so efficient that the delivery times are no longer than 6 weeks (after the customer visits) even with the largest of orders.
Our customers want top-notch play equipment, of the best quality, with the shortest delivery time. These goals are easily achieved through our production model based on the division of labour. Many components of the OBRA playground equipment are therefore produced continuously or in advance through winter.


  • Pine wood log, cored (core-free)
  • Pine square timber posts, cored (core-free)
  • Pine timber, solid
  • Larch wood log, cored (core-free)
  • Larch square timber posts, cored (core-free)
    Larch wood is classified according to ÖN B 30125 and EN 350-26 with class III (moderately durable). We use fine-grained mountain larch wood, which is said to have a long service life, even without impregnation.
  • Larch, glue laminated timber (Glulam), gluing according to ÖN EN 386
  • Hardwood in Ash, Oak and Robinia

Pressure impregnation:

The heated pressure impregnation is carried out using the vacuum pressure process run in a computer-controlled system, with Impralit KDS chromium-free, for hazard classes I - IV.
Impralit-KDS penetrates deep into the wood during impregnation, bonds within 24 hours and offers permanent protection against insects, fungi and mildew, even when in constant contact with soil and water.

At our headquarters in Neukichen an der Vöckla, we also carry out vacuum pressure impregnation for external companies. If you are interested, please contact Mr. DI (FH) Florian Philipp at +43 (0) 7682 / 2162-16


  • OBRA - playground equipment
  • Rustic garden furniture
  • Wood in the garden
  • Wooden fences
  • Pressure treated wood

Compliance with the quality regulations of the ARGE - high work quality is guaranteed by controls set in place by the Austrian Wood Research Institute.


OBRA playground equipment is built according to ÖN EN 1176 regulation and is continuously tested to be beholden to this new standard. The play equipment type tests are carried out by TÜV Austria and TÜV Product Service Munich. Ask us for copies of the security certificates should it be required. The playground equipment in the OBRA program that complies with DIN DIN 7926 has the GS mark for "Geprüfte Sicherheit" or in English; "Safety Tested".