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Playground equipment from OBRA - playground equipment that defies wind and weather

Anyone who wants to build a playground knows that playground equipment is not only exposed to hours of play and fun, but also wind and weather. Our high-quality playground equipment is child-friendly and resistant, extremely durable and innovative. Equip your playground with outdoor play equipment that will bring joy for many years!

OBRA Design is THE Playground Equipment manufacturer in Austria. We have been developing playground equipment and building playgrounds for over 40 years. From the planning to the individual playground equipment to the installation of your playground, you get everything from one source with us!

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From the customer request to the themed playground

Imaginative playgrounds
♥ Playground equipment tested according to EN 1176 TÜV AUSTRIA for every area of ​​use

Regardless of whether you are planning a play area for your residential complex or want to offer your guests in a restaurant or hotel a very special gaming experience: We offer safe, tested playground equipment with a very special adventure factor. Choose from our innovative play equipment or have your own concept created - for your themed playground or active playground.

All OBRA Design playground equipment is TÜV AUSTRIA tested according to EN 1176 and therefore suitable for public and private playgrounds. We offer vandal-resistant play equipment that can withstand any adventure game, no matter how wild!

Let yourself be carried away by our Playground supplies look book get inspired!

♥ Play equipment for the active playground

Children love adventures! Our play equipment for the active playground is therefore particularly popular. It doesn't matter if Play equipment with water or Playground equipment with sand all the senses are allowed to be part of it, the adventure is perfect.

The OBRA Design playground equipment can be put together to create play areas that offer an unforgettable experience. Give the visitors exactly what they want: happy children and hours full of joy and discovery. In this way, large playgrounds become individual adventure playgrounds for young and old, suitable for all age groups and abilities.

Would you like to find out more about our outdoor and indoor play equipment? Please contact us!

♥ Off to nature: play equipment made from larch wood

Outdoor play equipment from OBRA Design is not only perfect on the active playground! We also produce wooden play equipment for use on forest and fitness trails. Our playground equipment made of larch wood fits perfectly into the natural environment and offers variety in sports and hiking. Regardless of whether the athletes want to do sit-ups after running or practice throwing pine cones with the children: The wooden forest playground equipment from OBRA Design is popular with all age groups and ideally suited for leisure facilities and hotel playgrounds.

Play equipment made of larch wood is also popular in municipalities and residential complexes, because they are not only wonderful to play with, but are also visually appealing. Would you like to offer a play area with the right equipment in your hotel, on your campsite or through your tourist office? Let us put together the right equipment for you and let us plan your active playground for adults! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Frequently asked questions and answers about outdoor and indoor playground equipment

This is my first time dealing with the subject of playgrounds. What is the quickest way to get an offer that meets my requirements?

Our specialist consultants and trading partners will be happy to help you choose the right playground equipment. To begin with, an appointment should take place at your site, during which the area to be built on will be inspected and measured. The requirements for the playground equipment are also queried and the first products are suggested. Once the selection of play equipment has been determined, your supervisor will send the information to us at the factory. Within a few days you will receive a tailor-made offer including a floor plan of your new playground and detailed information on each product. This consultation and offer process is of course non-binding and without any obligation for you.
Questions and answers about playground equipment

Which wood is used for outdoor playground equipment

Different types of wood are used for our playground equipment, depending on the installation situation and requirements: pine kdi, larch, robinia, oak, fir, ash. The classic woods are supplemented with panel materials made of glued wood or HPL or HDPE panels. Steel and stainless steel are also processed for individual components.

What do you have to look out for when buying playground equipment?

With us, you will be assisted in the selection and planning by our respective specialist consultants on site: The top priority is the play value for the respective user group. Attention is paid to whether the devices fit the respective terrain, whether the age group fits, or what fall protection is required. Make sure that the devices are certified according to EN 1176. Personal advice and the long-term supply of spare parts are particularly appreciated by our customers.

Outdoor playground equipment made of wood or metal?

Depending on the play function, component, desired aesthetics or installation location, there are different advantages and disadvantages. In natural playgrounds, wood is obviously preferred. A heavily loaded beam over a group swing can be made of metal. Otherwise, the haptic perception is z. B. on climbing equipment, even in cold or wet seasons, to evaluate wood positively.

What is pressure impregnation?
The pressure impregnation protects the wood permanently against insects, fungi and mildew. For this purpose, a well-fixing, chromium-free impregnating agent with salts and active ingredients that are harmless for playground equipment is introduced in a 5-stage vacuum pressure process, whereby, for example, the sapwood of the pine can also be used for constant contact with the ground and water.
How are playground equipment set up?
A professional installation in compliance with the required safety clearances and the prescribed impact-absorbing fall protection is essential for the safety of children. Complete assembly by an assembly team from OBRA, assembly by the customer's specialists or an experienced assembly partner comes into question. A suitable hoist is used for large equipment. A wide variety of equipment is also required for excavating the foundations or installing fall protection.
Are there any assembly instructions?
There are detailed and illustrated assembly instructions for each of our devices.
Do playground equipment have to be certified?

Yes and no: TÜV certification is not mandatory, but the applicable standard EN 1176 must be complied with. For the customer, the TÜV test has the advantage that the safety of the device is determined by an independent institution. The certificates can be downloaded from the respective playground equipment!

Do playgrounds need to be checked?
According to EN 1176, playground operators are required to carry out regular visual inspections: daily or at least weekly. In addition, as a manufacturer, we can offer both the annual main inspection in accordance with EN1176 and an operational inspection (every 1 to 3 months) or refer them to reliable partners.
Which floor is recommended for playgrounds?

All types of soil used in playgrounds have advantages and disadvantages and offer different design options. A comparison of costs in relation to the useful life is recommended. In the case of loose fall protection materials, the layer thickness must be increased by 100mm in the appropriate places (where there is a lot of movement or great heights of fall) due to the play-away effect. It should also be taken into account that sand and gravel, for example, can be "tolerated" in other areas or, for example, the accessibility with prams or wheelchairs can be important.

Floor material Description Minimum layer thickness Max. Height of fall
Topsoil     1,0 m
Dense lawn     1,0 m
Wood chips Size: 5 - 30 mm 300 mm 3,0 m
bark Size: 20 - 80 mm 300 mm 3,0 m
Sand, washed Grain 0,2 - 2 mm 300 mm 3,0 m
Round gravel Grain 2 - 8 mm 300 mm 3,0 m
Rubber and plastic sheets vulcanized or made of EPDM granulate, or rubber roughage 30 - 120 mm according to test certificate


Play equipment made of impregnated wood or natural wood?
Pressure-impregnated pine, achieves a long service life if the structural wood protection (e.g. elevation) is taken into account. However, if spare parts are needed, we can provide them quickly and precisely. If you want an adventurous or enchanted look, the robinia, with its crooked growth and variable, mostly non-circular cross-sections, is the right choice. Especially when the natural habit of the robinia supports the play value of the equipment. If untreated wood is desired, but the advantages of a modular system should still be used, then natural larch is ideal.
What do I have to consider as a playground operator?
If the playground is "freely accessible", the operator assumes the obligation to ensure the safety and maintenance of the equipment and floors at the playground with the construction of a playground: This begins with the selection of a well-known manufacturer of playground equipment. Furthermore, an acceptance test or installation acceptance may be necessary. Lt. According to EN 1176-7, the following 3 types of inspection are provided: a visual inspection (every 1-7 days), an operational inspection (every 1-3 months) with checking of the function, stability and state of wear as well as an annual main inspection. All checks are to be documented. Appropriate signs for playgrounds must also be set up.
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