OBRA Rombox is a modular indoor play facility based on natural and renewable materials. The development in cooperation with a design team resulted in a system that represents a successful synergy between material and design.

Planning Enquiries

The advantages at one glance

  • The first indoor play system made from natural and renewable materials
  • Hardwearing and easy to clean
  • Developed by Austria's leading manufacturer of playground equipment
  • Many sizes possible thanks to the modular structure
  • To frolic, play and let off steam

Modular design

The modular system structure enables the greatest possible flexibility. Depending on how much space is available to you, you can put together your own individual play system according to your wishes. The individual modules can be used standing or lying down.
Three modules lying on top of each other result in two standing modules. Half modules can also be used to bridge gaps. Various play elements (e.g. ball pool, tangled ropes, balancing platforms, ...) can be integrated into the modules.

Example Version I: SMALL
Rombox Modulvariation Beispiel Klein

6 standing modules, 3 horizontal modules with half bridging modules

Game elements:
XNUMX Tic Tac Toe play panel, XNUMX monkey bar track, XNUMX diagonal stair landings, XNUMX stainless steel slide, XNUMX ball pool, XNUMX jungle bridge.

Device dimensions (LxWxH): 4,64 x 3,99 x 2,04 m

Example Version II: MEDIUM
Rombox Modulvariation Beispiel Mittel

12 standing modules

Game elements:
XNUMX ball pool, XNUMX play panel marble run, XNUMX play panel Magic Mirror, XNUMX diagonal stair platforms, XNUMX Cord Tangl (tangled ropes), XNUMX balancing platform, XNUMX play panel Loophole, XNUMX play panel bubble window

Device dimensions (LxWxH): 3,99 x 2,69 x 3,99 m

Example Version III: LARGE
Rombox Modulvariation Beispiel Groß

22 standing modules, 8 horizontal modules, 2 bridging modules.

Game elements:
XNUMX ball pool, XNUMX play panel marble run, XNUMX balancing platform, XNUMX play panel Tic Tac Toe , XNUMX play panel Giddy Disc, XNUMX stairs platform, XNUMX ascent, XNUMX jungle bridge, XNUMX net bridge, XNUMX play panel loophole, XNUMX ramp with hanging rope

Device dimensions (LxWxH): 9,19 x 4,64 x 3,99 m

Design options

Since no two rooms are the same, and the interior of the OBRA robmox offers different play options depending on the age group, an individual plan is created for each interested party. Our specialist advisor will respond to your wishes and transmit all the necessary data to our planning department. We will then create a free offer including installation.

In larger playrooms, it is usually not just about installing an indoor play system, but also thinking about dividing the room into different play areas and then equipping these play areas with suitable furniture and play elements.

Often the themes of the play facilities and playrooms also play a role. We are happy to help you find the right theme and integrate it harmoniously into the entire playroom. Let your imagination run free!

Wouldn't it be great for your little guests to feel like they are in a circus ring, to play spacemen, to explore Stone Age caves or to experience an adventure in the jungle? You specify the topic, we provide the ideas!

Selection of play elements for the interior design of the Rombox

  • Rombox Element Rodeo
  • Rombox Element Touch
  • Rombox Element Seilgewirr Balancierschlange
    Tangled ropes & balancing snake
  • Element Netzbrücke
    Network bridge
  • Rombox Element Tic Tac Toe
    Tic Tac Toe
  • Rombox Element Spielnapeel Giddy Disc
    Play Napeel Giddy Disc
  • Rombox Element Rampe Mit Hangeltau
    Ramp with hanging rope
  • Rombox Element Schlupfloch
  • Rombox Element Wippboden
    Rocking floor
  • Rombox Element Ballbecken
    Ball pool
  • Rombox Element Zahnrad

    High-Quality Materials



    Solid spruce frame
    • Made of square timber 9x9 cm, spruce, dried and planed, faults cut out and finger-jointed
    • Corners softened with a 10 mm radius
    • Connections made of steel brackets, screwed from the outside and covered
    • 40 mm beech dowels as a system connection for floors, play elements and borders
    • All wooden elements oiled or waxed with natural colours


    Cashmere goat hair bottoms
    • Made of plywood 18 mm, birch, with glued carpets
    • Carpet made of cashmere goat hair and wool on natural fabric
    • Particularly hard-wearing and low maintenance
    • Reduces fine dust in the air
    • Reduces sound and noise

    Wall elements:

    Birch plywood wall elements
    • Partly plywood 18 mm, birch; partially protective netting 4 mm, polypropylene
    • Safety nets attached to the structure with stainless steel rods and system connectors
    • Wall elements with design millings for a better view of the interior
    • Play elements are partially attached to the wall elements
    • All wooden surfaces oiled or waxed with natural colours