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A new fitness trend under the buzzwords street workout and calisthenics has taken hold in recent years. The term street workout stands for a strength training with your own body weight.
Calisthenics (from the Greek "kalos = beautiful" and "sthenos = strength") is "a form of physical training that includes a series of simple, often rhythmic movements and for which only your own body weight is used" (source: Wikipedia). The terms can therefore be used synonymously.

The trend arose in the last decade on the American east coast as an opportunity to do fitness training in public spaces away from expensive fitness studios. For this purpose, classic equipment as seen on playgrounds such as bars, monkey bar tracks, etc., was initially used. Often groups were formed to practice. Some of them created their own styles and made them popular through Youtube videos, so that street workout / calisthenics is being enthusiastically pursued by more and more people. This development is to be welcomed, as it encourages a broader group of young people in particular to take part in sporting activities and thus counteracts excessive media use with the known negative consequences such as boredom and vandalism.

We at OBRA Design implement your street workout or calisthenics system according to your wishes. Be it in wood with steel components, completely in steel with or without coloured coating or completely in stainless steel.

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